If you are an MCPS alum, and you are currently or did play college golf, contact me.  I’d like to know what high school you graduated from (and year) and where you played college golf.

Class of 2022

Daniel Kibe (Springbrook)      American International College

Jack Pogorelc (Churchill)          Boston College

Tevin Robertson (Clarksburg)    Eastern Arizona College

Class of 2021

Ethan Chelf (Wootton)              Indiana University

Jake Griffin (WJ)                        Penn State University

Hannah Han-Kim (Churchill)     U.S. Naval Academy

Ronnie Kim (Sherwood)            University of Maryland

Davis Martin (Magruder)           Rosemont College

Sophie Oristian (QO)                 SUNY – Cortland

Colby Reeder (Whitman)           The Citadel

Matthew Salter (Blake)              York College

Kaylin Yeoh (Churchill)               Carnegie Mellon University

Class of 2020

Alyssa Cong (RM)                       Brown University

Jenny Hua (Northwest)              Amherst College

Dugan McCabe (Whitman)        Colgate University

Owen Porter (WJ)                       Centre (KY) College

Class of 2019

Nick DeGirolamo (Kennedy)     Penn State – Abington

Max Edminster (Mont. Blair)    Trinity College (Conn.)

Amanda Levy (Whitman)        Brown University

Noah Siman (Wootton)             University of Lynchburg

Class of 2018

Lena Capoccia (Churchill)       University of Maryland

Jordan Cornelius (Whitman)   Towson University

Aine Kenwood (Churchill)        Wellesley College

Jordan Koller (Sherwood)        York College

Brad Riley (Sherwood)              Towson University

Class of 2017

Olivia Brown (B-CC)                Dickinson College

Elliot Snow (Whitman)            Colby College

Eunice Sung (Magruder)         York College

Oliver Whatley (Churchill)        Rutgers University

Class of 2016

Phil Colevas (RM)                     Indiana Tech

Adam Gray (Churchill)              Rutgers University

Kevin Keane (Whitman)            McDaniel College

Noah Moss (WJ)                       Georgetown University

Luke Schaap (Churchill)            University of Virginia

Delaney Shah  (Wootton)          University of Louisville

Krystal Sung (Magruder)           University of South Carolina – Beaufort

Jordan Weitz  (Wootton)            Yale University

Evan Welsh (B-CC)                   Stevenson University

Class of 2015

Graysen Bright (Wootton)          Bucknell University

Zach Burkinshaw  (Northwest)  Shepherd University

Justin Diggs  (Clarksburg)         University of Maryland – Eastern Shore

Justin Feldman  (Wootton)        University of Maryland

Nick Infanti  (Clarksburg)           North Florida University

Hanna Jia (Churchill)                 Washington University in St. Louis

Eunbbie Kim (Churchill)             Bucknell University

Taso Scilaris (WJ)                         Georgetown University

Class of 2014

Andy Baker (Poolesville)            Hood College

Andrew Barth (Whitman)            Washington and Lee University

Michael Bushman (QO)              Hood College

Nathan Tenpass (B-CC)             Davidson College

Allison Wong (Wootton)              University of Pennsylvania

Class of 2013

Joey Burkinshaw (Northwest)    Shepherd University

Patrick Moriarty (Rockville)        Appalachian State University

Brian Norwitz  (Northwest)         McDaniel College

Class of 2012

Brandon Eng (Whitman)           Cornell University

Callie Lawson (Magruder)        Tusculum College

Tommy Nakamura (Sherwood) North Carolina Wesleyan College

Wesley Talbot-Wendlant (Magruder)     McDaniel College

Class of 2011

James Lillie (WJ)                      McDaniel College

Brett Myers (Damascus)           Towson University

Connor Tendall (Wootton)         University of Maryland

Class of 2009

Sam Biron (Wootton)                 University of Tampa

Peter Johns (Churchill)              Marymount University

Andrew Stein (Wootton)             University of Maryland

Marc Youngentob (Churchill)      University of Rochester

Class of 2008

Alex Brown (Churchill)                Bucknell University

Cynthia Iselin (Churchill)             Bucknell University

Zack Meyers (WJ)                       Muhlenberg College

Caroline Nathan (Whitman)       Gettysburg College

Class of 2007

Jeff Boecki (QO)                        SUNY – Oswego

Joey Goldstein (Churchill)         Dickinson College

Hilary Lawson (Magruder)         University of Maryland

Billy Peel (Churchill)                  Eastern Kentucky University

Class of 2006

Steve Delmar (Gaithersburg)     Coastal Carolina University

Devin Kay (Churchill)                 Lynn University

Jessica Unger (Whitman)          University of Maryland

Class of 2005

Ryan Fitzmeyer (WM)                 Marymount (VA) University

Alex Olshonsky (WJ)                  Dartmouth College

Ryan Wielgus (Churchill)            U.S. Naval Academy

Class of 2004

Frank Alafoginis (Churchill)        University of Illinois

Brent Davis (Sherwood)             Towson University

Adam Krainson (Churchill)          New York University

Class of 2003

Skip Clasper (Wootton)              University of Maryland

Class of 2002

Lauren Yamada (Wootton)        University of Maryland

Class of 2001

Jairo Irreno (Churchill)                James Madison University

Dan Spiker (Poolesville)            University of Delaware

Class of 2000

Mike Brenneman (B-CC)            Virginia Tech University

John Scott Rattan (WM)             University of Tennessee

Ryan Tendall (Wootton)              University of Illinois

Class of 1999

Erin Clasper (Wootton)              University of Maryland

Class of 1998

Brit Musser (Wootton)                University of Maryland

Class of 1997

Sarah Bedford (WM)                  University of Maryland

Class of 1996

Ryan Bohn (Gaithersburg)          Robert Morris University

Bill Laughlin (Gaithersburg)        Robert Morris University

Keith Unikel (Churchill)               University of Maryland

Class of 1995

Nate Bohn (Gaithersburg)           Yale University

Bart Mease (QO)                         Robert Morris University

Class of 1994

Dan Falls (Gaithersburg)             Furman University

Class of 1993

Kelly Doyle (Whitman)                 Charleston Southern University

Class of 1992

Craig Bangor (Damascus)           U.S. Naval Academy

Jeff Graf (Damascus)                   Bucknell University

Class of 1991

Jimmy Cangiano (Poolesville)     Duke University

Class of 1989

Clint Buytenhuys (Churchill)        Georgetown University

Kim Cayce (Churchill)                  Duke University

Clay Davis (Gaithersburg)            Catawba College

Shane Patterson (Magruder)       Louisiana State University

Class of 1988

Scooter Clark (Paint Branch)        University of Maryland

Tara Hipp (Gaithersburg)              University of North Carolina

David Tacchetti (Gaithersburg)     University of Maryland

Class of 1985

Claire Dolan (SV)                           Stanford University

Douglas Ridgway (Magruder)        Old Dominion University

Class of 1982

Tim Hanstad (B-CC)                       Vanderbilt University/Univ. of Maryland

Class of 1981

Kim Williams (Wootton)                  Mississippi State University

Class of 1980

Webb Heintzelman (Whitman)      University of South Carolina

Class of 1979

Ian Noel (B-CC)                              American University

Class of 1978

Wade Heintzelman (Whitman)      American University

Regan O’Rourke (Churchill)         American University

Class of 1976

Matt Sughrue (Churchill)               University of North Carolina

Class of 1973

Paul Rapley (Churchill)                  High Point University

Chuck Will (RM)                              Salisbury University

Class of 1956

Deane Beman (B-CC)                    University of Maryland